More than 17 years. A Home to many beautiful Minds. Established practice and the skills to develop the Intellectual Minds. Yes we have done it and we continue to do so, and I am sure all our students are proud and cherish the days of being @ Navlakhi’s

Innovations by Our students and the Best Offers at the best price just for you on the craZy

The Best Offers

TIME to do a Good Deed is dedicated to providing help to the needy. It is also involved in making our students into good human beings by gestures of courtesy and thanks-giving to their loved ones. Involving students with Philanthropic acts by the marks they get. Welcome and discover yourself.


Fashion to be yourself. The colours and clothing that make a statement of who you are. Let the world hear it without a word. Fashion for all occassions. Fashion for all. For an occassion called Life!

Tell the world who you Are

Everything now complient to all visual platforms. The Desktop, laptop, Mobile phone etc. We are getting our services to adapt to all visual media possible.